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    1.For 5G/5C/5S/6P/Se/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X/X...
    2.Four USB ports, easy to expand and upgrade.
    3.It can connect the ammeter outside to facilitate the work to check the working current of the mobile phone. 
    4.It can be directly buckled to the mainboard maintenance work to determine the failure of the mobile phone.
    5.Its built-in intelligent management chip, multiple protection can avoid the problem of high mobile phone temperature and standby restart. 
    6.Mobile phone single board boot can still display normal battery power.
    7.The wire is environment-friendly, soft and flame retardant. The USB cable can carry more than 3A current by using high quality thick copper core wires, and the stability of current and voltage can be guaranteed through 24-hour non-linear testing. 
    8.The PCB board of the power line adopts the anti-voltage counterattack and anti-backflow design. The PCB board on the battery seat is sprayed with three anti-paint and triple protection, so that you can use it safely. 

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    Packaging Equipment:
    1.PCB board with power cable(A\B)
    2.Ammeter with output current of 3A(A) 
    3.The USB cable for all models iPhone(A\B) 
    4.Ammeter cable(A\B)