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  • 11 Series middle tin planting platform /X Series middle tin planting platform!
    The tin planting platform is equipped with 7 magnets to tighten the mesh High temperature resistant with magnetic adsorption, no damage to the motherboard, accurate Pewter can be planted accurately at mesh position
  • Han series fine screwdriver 8920
    Han series fine screwdriver the cutter head is made of S2 material, with high hardness, enough toughness, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance five models are available For iphone/android phones
  • International Workers' Day.
    Today belongs to each of you who fight for your dreams, Thank you for your persistence and dedication. happy International workers` Day !
  • Precision neutral microscope series
    A microscope is an instrument used to improve the resolution of an object or image. The types include composite, stereo or digital.A digital microscope is used to display images on a display rather than through a l
  • The holiday notice !
    The holiday notice Our company will have 15 days off from January 19, 2020 to February 2, 2020 Sorry for the inconvenience during the holiday I wish you a happy New Year
  • Happy New Year's Day!
    The arrival of New Year's day means the arrival of a New Year The most difficult 2019 has passed, the latest 2020 has come We will embark on a new journey to 2020 Happy New Year's Day