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    Product Name:9806
    1.Handheld and pocket
    2.Precision testing
    3.For phone repairing
    4.Professional phone repair tool

    Product Details Product Norm Aftermarket Service
    ·High Security
    The safety performance of precise PC board is meet the standard of security testing.
    ·Large LCD Screen
    Kaisi Digital Multimeter has a large screen, the maximum number display is 1999, and also provides number-lock function.
    ·Comfortable Hand Feeling
    Driving plate is accurate and easy to control, the number on it is clear.
    ·Full Protection
    Full protection for preventing burn-in, such as automatic shutdown function, can effectively protect the machine from error operation. 
    ·Adjustable Holder
    The holder of the multimeter can be adjusted to a suitable angle for accuracy and convenience of reading.
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