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    Product Name:901DW

    Intelligent digital display

    high efficiency heating

    stepless temperature regulation

    automatic sleep function

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    Convenient real-time operation through a magnetic control switch.Placing the handle on the handle rack will trigger the sleeping mode immediately.
    The automatic sleeping function allows parameters setting in the sleeping mode.
    Closed sensor circuit;microcomputer-controlled zero-crossing triggered temperature control;high power;rapid temperature rise;convenient temperature regulation;accurate and stable temperature independent from the influence of air output.
    The use of a brushless swirl blower offers a wide adjustable range of air output to satisfy multiple applications.
    The system's automatic huge volume cooling function could extend the heating element's life and protect the hot air handle.
    The function of remembering four grades of temperature+air volume allows more convenient operation(applicable to 990D series)


    Mains:220V 50HZ/60HZ

    Temperature range:100℃~450℃

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